About The Mall

The Mall is the Hun School’s student-run school newspaper. Originally entitled The Hun School News, it is believed to have been started around the winter of 1928. However, the title did not change to The Mall until January 28, 1938. Though The Mall was originally established to inform the alumni and parent community, the publication has transformed into a source of news for all, as well as an opportunity for students to gain journalism experience. The Mall consists of everything from opinion pieces to hard news, and it puts out six print issues in addition to its constant online coverage of the Hun community.


About The Hun School

The Hun School provides a diverse community that places a high value on a creative and rigorous traditional college preparatory curriculum in a structured environment; develops character, community and values; meets the students’ differing talents, interests and academic needs through a supportive staff in a variety of programs; and encourages students to widen their horizons, gain an appreciation for and an excitement about learning and achieve their full potential.


Faculty Advisor

Ms. Dara Martin


Kathy Wang ‘21

Website Manager

Sunny Park ‘22

Article Editor (last name alphabetical order)

Richard Chen ‘21, Sophia Lin ‘21


Elizabeth Ji ‘21

Staff Writer (last name alphabetical order)

Anika Bawa ‘24,  Eliza Bricker ‘22,  Richard Chen ‘21,  Suchisrit Gangopadhyay ‘23,  Amanda Jenkins ‘21,  Seth Jeter ‘21,  Cici Liang ‘22,  Katherine Lin ‘24,  Kevin Luo ‘21,  Neela Murti ‘22,  Renee Nearing ‘21,  Sunny Park ‘22,  Brody Pasieka ‘22,  Devon Pasieka ‘21,  Jenny Pham ‘22,  Kaushik Rathuryan ‘23,  Lleyton Shaw ‘23,  Angel Truong ‘21,  Saanvi Upadhyay ‘22,  Iris Wang ‘22



Head of Upper School

Mr. Ryan Hews


Mr. Jonathan Brougham

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