Winter Athlete Spotlight

         As varsity swimmers on Hun’s swim team, Andrew Hamuro and the other senior members of the swim team have seen a great deal of change from their practice schedule to meet format. Fortunately, the pandemic’s beginning left the 2019 – 20 swimming season unaffected; the 2020 – 21 season presented new challenges. Could a team still support each other under the pandemic’s grip? In Hamuro’s opinion, it can, and “he is proud of the team for continuing to push through seemingly endless weeks and months of uncertainty.”

         For Hamuro personally, he states that there is “no difference in the atmosphere, I’m still motivated, and for me, it doesn’t matter, I feel great in the water, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to swim.” With regards to the boy’s undefeated season, Hamuro “knew they could do it and wasn’t surprised when they did.” “We’ve all had to step up and take on some responsibility,” said Hamuro when asked about swimming the 200 freestyle for the first time this year. Consistently dropping each time he swims, Andrew has also shown growth out of the pool, being a positive presence by cheering, congratulating, and motivating nervous swimmers, assuring them that they can face any event they swim. “It’s all about your mindset,” Hamuro says, “go into it with a great attitude, and you’ll feel good after, no matter what happens.” Andrew is hopeful for the swim team and feels good about its chances at its upcoming championship meets, saying, “it’s been a tough year, but we pushed through, we went up against tough teams, and we still pushed through, after all of that, we can take anything on.”