The Political Club Hosts Guest Speaker Elliot Repko

        After school ends on December 13, 2021, students and faculty interested in learning about the State Department and international policy gather in room 221 in the Chesebro Academic Center to have a Q&A session with a Hun School of Princeton alumni Elliot Repko ’92. 

        The creator of the Politicon Club, Kaushik Rathuryan ‘23, describes his club as an “analysis of the intersections of political science and economics.” “We discuss these intersections, and sometimes we invite guest speakers to employ our resources further and talk about these studies.” He introduced this club to the Hun School community because “of the gap in how the clubs approached the issue of the intersection of economics and political science and there is so much that students can learn from this club.” 

        One of these guest speakers that Kaushik refers to is Mr. Repko. The speaker’s resume includes ten years of working in the United States Department of State, working at embassies throughout the country, including Cotonou, Benin, Libson, Portugal, and N’Djamena, Chad, serving as a Foreign Service Officer. 

        Kaushik believes that Mr. Repko sparked new topics for the club to discuss, saying, “He specializes in the US department of state in Africa, so that brought a different perspective that we usually don’t consider because when we were evaluating the intersection of economic and political science, it is usually Asia, North America, or Europe.” 

        In addition to Kaushik’s perspective, a new member of the club, Charlie Stowe, ‘23, is interested in politics and foreign affairs. It was Charlie’s first meeting when Mr. Repko came in to speak, and he admits, “I did not know what to expect, but Mr. Repko exceeded my expectations. I now understand what it entails to be involved with foreign affairs and the whole process that it takes to be in a high position of power.” 

        Having speakers come to The Hun School to talk about their experiences relating to the club’s primary focus helps strengthen the club’s discussions and helps understand what being involved with foreign affairs truly entails.