Overloading Homework Adds To the Stress of Students at Hun

         The first semester comes to an end, and students at The Hun School feel anxiety from their many assignments more than ever. From short math worksheets to final English papers, the students can not escape the stress of the work in front of them that needs to be completed outside of the classroom. 

         Junior Kat Xiong (‘23) agreed that coming home from school with hours of homework ahead of her is not an uplifting feeling. “I think homework is unnecessary because we already spend so many hours at school learning and working”, Kat expressed. Outside of in-class assignments, students, especially in the weeks before the end of each marking period, are piled up with projects that take them many hours to complete at home. 

         “I wish the time we spent at home was free from work”, Kat said. Even though students are aware that assignments out of class are a necessary part of the school, students have trouble focusing on completing their work after a grueling school day. 

         Teachers are aware of these grievances expressed by their students. Shannon Skinner, the Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher at Hun, does understand the time spent outside of her class on homework. “Although I believe that homework is important to make sure our students understand the content we are learning in class, I do sympathize with the excessive amount of tasks they are assigned sometimes”, Ms. Skinner said. 

         There are many resources at Hun to help cope with the stress of students not only during finals week but whenever they are feeling overwhelmed. Mrs. Ostrowsky and the counseling office are always available for students who are seeking encouragement or emotional support. 

         Kat and many others are trying to advocate for the student body by creating a better schedule for homework that spreads out the deadlines for assignments. Brody Pasieka (‘22), a member of the student government, expressed that “we are trying to implement a homework policy that will reduce the stress of students throughout the entire year.” Kat, Brody, and the entire student government continue to address students’ concerns to the administration at Hun and advocate on behalf of all of their classmates.