Drake is The Best Rapper of All Time

         Drake is a Toronto-born rap star who started his career in 2006. He has over 140 singles and eight total albums. Drake has been involved in music since he was a young child. He even dropped out of high school to pursue a career in rap. 

         Drake dropped his first album, Thank Me Later, 2010, on June 15th. His career has taken off from there; he now has 63.3 million active listeners. 

         Drake’s versatility is one of the reasons why he is the greatest rapper. Each of his albums has a different vibe. One of his first albums, “Nothing Was The Same,” conveys a hype/ party vibe, while his recent album “Certified Lover Boy” is a laid-back and chill vibe. 

         “Drake is my go-to guy; whether I’m by myself, in the car, or at a party, I can put Drake on” Daniel Canno’ 24. The mix of energy Drake brings to each of his songs makes it easy to bump his music into any scenery. His music isn’t just for male listeners either. 

         “Many people don’t know this, but I love Drake’s music, and his songs always have a nice flow” Maggie Mafia’ 23. Drake is constantly producing quality music, and his respect for quality over quantity contributes to why he has over 63 million active listeners. 

         “Drake ended 2021 at the top of the pack on Billboard’s year-end Top Artist Chart” Billboard.com. One of the most respected opinion sources, Billboard, has ranked Drake number one for the second year. Drakes has been ranked number one for his versatility and because of the influence, he has had on the music industry. 

         “He [Drake] has changed the rap game like Curry has changed basketball,” YK Osiris’ Famous rapper. Drake’s quality of music has changed the rap game to the point where other rappers are shouting out his excellency. 

         Drake’s consistency changed the rap game standards. In the past decade, Drake hasn’t released an album that doesn’t have over 200 million streams. His last album reached a record-breaking 744 million streams, proving that his fan base is only growing. What’s next for Drake, 1 billion listeners?