Classics at Hun: The National Junior Classical League

        As we return from the distance of remote learning to our vigorous community, the fire of academic interests and rigorous pursuits shines brighter than ever. This fire burns brightly in the National Junior Classical League club at Hun. The NJCL is a youth academic organization of secondary school students focusing on classics such as Latin and Ancient Greek. At NJCL, club members often participate in national classical competitions and exams such as the National Latin Exam. In club meetings, lessons go beyond languages. Members learn about mythology and history and engage in friendly competitions. Dr. Crosson, the faculty adviser of the club, addressed the role of the NJCL club at Hun: 

        “Hun students can confront how they look at the world. The club provides a window into the Latin language and Greek and Roman culture by large… The club, on the one hand, helps Hun students understand better who [the Ancient Greeks and Romans] were, how they lived, how they faced struggles and trauma… On the other hand, by learning more about these people, the club members can learn more about themselves by analogy and comparison.”

        The NJCL club has been busy in the past couple of months. Club members took the National Epistemology Exam and the National Roman Civilization Exam towards the end of last year. Students are now preparing for the National Latin Exam taking place in March. Along with the Certamen, this exam is one of the most anticipated opportunities all year. In addition, the upcoming Greek Mythology Exam offers excellent opportunities for students to receive honors, prizes, and even scholarships.

        In addition to the exams, the NJCL also hosted an induction ceremony for the National Latin and Greek Honor Society before Winter Break. NJCL inductees demonstrated exceptional achievement and scholarship. At the ceremony in Russell Lounge, inductees enjoyed their time and recited a passage in Latin. The parents sponsored the inductees to go out for dinner at Nomad more excitingly. 

        Upholding the core values at Hun, the National Junior Classical League continues to serve as an integral part of the Hun community with its unique and valuable opportunities for academic honor and leadership. NJCL members, most of whom only began their classical studies after coming to Hun, serve as a guiding light for students interested in enriching their experience at Hun.