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# If we receive a signal from somewhere we don’t know in the universe, should we ever respond?

Have you ever thought about it? This is only one of the exciting assumptions mentioned in this book.

Well, maybe you never thought about it before, but Liu Cixin does.


Dark forest theory

Imagine you are alone walking through a dark forest. You hear a noise. Is it your inclination to be friendly to anyone or anything you happen to stumble across while exploring the unknown?

“The dark forest theory,” the concept mentioned in “ The Three Body,” shows the dark side of humanity and how the world would possibly run in a severe condition that humans will encounter in the future. This theory will give you lots of inspiration for life and human beings and the ability to think deeply.


Liu Cixin (June 23, 1963 -), born in Beijing, native to Luoshan, Henan Province, now lives in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. He is a contemporary Chinese science fiction writer. He has been writing since the mid-1980s. Since June 1999, he has published many science fiction novels and science fiction essays in science fiction World magazine and published many long science fiction novels. 

( You will find out how creative and profound his brain is by reading this book. He’s like the combination of Sheldon( Big Bang Theory)and Doctor Strange(Marvel) in REAL LIFE.)



By Liu Cixin, translated by Holger Nahm

I’ve never seen the night nor seen a star; I’ve seen neither spring, fall, nor winter. I was born at the end of the Reining Age, just as the Earth’s rotation came to a final halt.

The Sun is about to unleash a helium flash, threatening to swallow all terrestrial planets in the solar system. The Unity Government has erected Earth Engines. It plans to propel our world out of the solar system, setting it on a journey into outer space, searching for a new sun. The Earth begins its centuries-long journey through outer space.

As we began our journey, my grandfather passed away, his burnt body ravaged by infection. In his final moments, he repeated over and over, “Oh, Earth, my wandering Earth…”

Also, if you are interested in science and astronomy,  this book will be the perfect book for you to explore more about the universe and the world that you find entirely unexpected.