Mr.Helvey Trip to Philadelphia

       Philadelphia welcomes Mr. Helvey’s American Government class to the National Constitution Center.

       On Oct 21st, 2021, Mr. Helvey’s American Government class took their first field trip together to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to widen their civic education beyond the classroom. With a previous school year riddled with work modules and Zoom classes, students were eager to get off-campus for some hands-on learning.

       Annually, Mr. Helvey introduces a unit in his American Government elective where students study the United States Constitution and its impact on the early founders of America. While students in his 2019 class had the opportunity to visit the Constitution Center to have a more hands-on, exponential learning experience, the pandemic hindered the trip from happening in 2020. Luckily, with a new vaccine mandate and substantially lightened Covid-19 regulations, field trips at Hun are finally back.

       Sophie Lisle, a junior in Mr. Helvey’s class, had never experienced a field trip at Hun before this trip. “Being an international student and entering Hun last year, I felt like I didn’t get the whole experience,” Lisle said, “But it feels nice to see a side of Hun that I never had before. It feels like an entirely different school.”

       Students attending the trip had the opportunity to visit different exhibits and attractions in Philadelphia, such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the birthplace of the United States Constitution. With so much to cover in so little time, many students were grateful for the chance to get off campus and experience Philadelphia’s many historical locations.

       “Even though I’m a senior, I never got the chance to go on this trip, even though all of my friends have,” said CC Langford, who was entirely virtual last year. “Knowing that Hun is returning to how it was before Covid is just really heartwarming to see.”

       Students attending the trip also got the opportunity to watch a theatrical performance put on by the National Constitution Center. The show included the difficulties of drafting the constitution, the struggles of slavery, and the long hours of debate endured to craft this essential document. Oliver Li, a self-proclaimed history fanatic, admitted that not even he knew about some of the themes displayed in the show. “The real issues and problems behind the publishing of the Constitution are rarely talked about in history books, so it was cool to see a visual graphic of everything we’d often miss.”

       Students were thrilled to participate in exponential learning off-campus once again and are excited to see what other trips this year have in store for them.