Mr. Cooper’s Robotics Team Participates in Annual RoboCup

       The 24th annual RoboCup competition at the Hun School was held in Mr. Coopers Robotics class on October 21, 2021. All of his students competed in the competition to see who’s robot was the best.

       The RoboCup competition has been going on since 1997, and it’s a significant competition as it gives an abundance of publicity for Robotics. The competition is worldwide and fully remote for many people to watch.

       Mr. Cooper split the class into teams, and they designed robots to play soccer on their own. This competition showcases students’ programming and building skills.

       Two students portrayed perseverance and courage in the competition and built a robust robot for the RoboCup. Mr. Cooper stated, “Rit Gangopadhyay ’23 and Stelios Damianakis ’23 are dedicated, curious, and determined to build quality robots and to control them.” They spent a great deal of time mastering the remote control for their robot, and that’s why they succeeded in the RoboCup.

       Many of the Hun students have been enjoying Mr. Cooper’s class. They have learned and have acquired knowledge about manufacturing robots and the history of robotics. Xavier Silverio ’23 said, “I enjoy Mr. Coopers’ class, and it’s a great way to learn experimentally. I have learned a lot about how batteries work as well as the history of robots.”

       Other competitions or projects that Mr. Cooper made his students do throughout the first marking period were an obstacle course, creating a robotic arm, and races between the robots. Mr. Cooper said, “During the races, many battery issues occurred, and that disrupted the race. Also, many robots were falling apart as the race was going on.” The class was not very prepared for the robots to fall apart when they started to race. The students needed to adapt because they encountered difficulties along with the race, but they persevered and overcame the challenge.

       The students were tightening the bolts of their robots in the middle of the race, but Mr. Cooper said that the robots typically tend to fall apart.

       The obstacle course that the class participated in consisted of the robots driving to a bucket of water and bringing it back. The students completed this by building a robot with a geared arm to pick up the bucket and use the arm for other tasks.

       The students have been enjoying the class and learned many lessons from Mr. Cooper. Victoria Yee ’22 said, “I really enjoy going to this class every day and learning about all the techniques with building and controlling the robots.”