Hun Student Government 2021-2022: New Beginnings, New Dreams

       Zoom screens are (almost) a thing of the past. Classrooms are now filled with laughter and discussions; the sports fields shine with the light of victory. So now what? The Hun School student government seized our moment to build a more resilient and inclusive community. As a “newbie” to student government who is eager to help improve the Hun experience, I spoke to our need for greater representation in my senate speech:

       “Whether you are from China or Pennsylvania, a star football player or a violin expert, your voices will be heard and represented.”

       The lack of social connections and avenues to relieve our academic pressure characterizes the past year. As a virtual international student in China, I felt especially disconnected from the Hun Community. Even for a senior like myself, I felt like a freshman when I stepped back on campus for the first time in a year and a half. Student government-organized community events, such as the Homecoming games and the “Under the Stars” dance, to bring our once-distanced community closer together in excitement and joy. Student government members from all grades took on responsibilities such as decorating house fleets, writing gratitude cards for faculty chaperones, or even opening car doors at the Russell entrance. 

       Behind the scenes, the student government is also busy at work: improving student life policies by proposing bills and amendments. To give you a sneak peek, topics on our agenda include stress relief at the end of marking periods, spirit week events, and the upcoming faculty appreciation day. The student government’s overarching principle is to value student input in all aspects of our work. We believe that opinions from the general student body are as important as the committees inside the student government. Therefore, students signed up in record numbers for each of our six committees: Environmental, Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, School Spirit, Career Connections, and Hun Gives Back. 

       In addition, all student government members took a trip to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to learn about the vital founding documents and stories of the United States. We attended an interactive presentation of “Freedom rising”, which details the many struggles of freedom and equality throughout US History. 

       This year, student government is characterized by diversity. Among the 12th grade senators, two are elected for the first time: Lily and I are new senators, while Aaron, CC, and Scott have all been elected before. With a range of experience levels, I believe student government will benefit from fresh ideas and people who are familiar with the ins and outs. In addition, there is at least one international student senator in each grade level. The high number of international students in the student senate is noteworthy as we are traditionally an underrepresented group with language and cultural barriers.