Halloween Concert

     After nearly two years of virtual performances on Zoom, the Halloween concert finally returned in person on October 28th at the new Breen Performing Arts Center. This year, Hun celebrated the tradition with spectacular performances from the Orchestra, Dance Company, Choir, Jazz Band, Edgertones, and Majesty. 

       To many students, in-person concerts certainly feel “new” after months of being online. “I definitely had to get used to getting back on stage again and performing in front of a live audience,” says Lauren Fleisher ’24, a member of the Chamber Orchestra, “It has felt too long since the last time we have had a live performance!”

       “Preparing to perform as an ensemble is a lot different than putting together recordings for virtual concerts”, says Ms.Watts, Chair of the Performing Arts Department, “Without audio engineers doing the tweaking of the sound in a studio, performers have to act as audio engineers of a sort as they perform live in real-time.” 

       A live performance feels very different from a recorded performance, notes Lauren. “It definitely was a big switch from a video since you could just re-record until you got the best performance you could make.” In a performance, dynamics, rhythms, and notes are key, explains Lauren. “Of course, this applies to recorded performances too, but I think that the need for these things become even more important in a live performance.” 


       After months of being on Zoom, performers are ready to move on; they welcomed the Halloween concert with great enthusiasm. “Performing in-person after almost 2 years of virtual performances was amazing,” says Ms.Watts, “There is an energy that comes from creating music together on a stage, and the orchestra and jazz bands did not disappoint at the Halloween concert!”

       Despite the ongoing pandemic and the many challenges of putting together a live performance, the Halloween concert was a success. The excitement of the audience and performers brought back the energy of a concert. “Hearing all of the voices in the orchestra and jazz bands playing together makes the music come alive in a way that remote recordings simply can’t,” reflects Ms.Watts. It is a delight to continue this Halloween tradition in person again!