Franklin High School Model United Nations Conference

       This year, Model United Nations started its year off by virtually attending Franklin High School Model United Nations Conference (FHSMUNC) on October 23! With more than 15 students participating, Hun represented various countries ranging from Ireland to Ukraine. Typically during a Model UN conference, students/participants are referred to as “delegates”. These delegates are assigned a United Nations committee (examples: World Health Organization, Commission on the Status of Women, etc.) and a topic within that committee’s jurisdiction, to debate. Delegates from different schools, and sometimes even different countries, come together in these committees to find a solution. 

       Hun’s delegates this year took on this virtual battle with a brave face! Some students opted to take their zoom calls together on the Hun campus. Each Hun delegate was able to learn something new. For new Model UN members, being together gave them the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how committee procedure works. For other experienced delegates, FHSMUNC served as recognition for their hard work; Kerem Koyluoglu’ 23, Vika Petrov’ 23, and Arjun Kumaar’ 24 all won awards in FHSMUNC for their outstanding efforts. 

       Whether they were new or experienced, in school or at home, FHSMUNC gave Hun Model UN members the chance to bond with one another through conference preparation and club meetings! FHSMUNC was only the beginning of the Model UN conferences; Hun Model United Nations is looking forward to future conferences like NAIMUN (Georgetown’s in-person Model UN conference and HunMUN, Hun’s Model UN conference for Hun students only). If you are interested in joining Hun Model United Nations, please contact Dr. Holm (