Counseling Activity at Hun

        On October 19th, during advisory, all students are given an activity to familiarize themselves with the counseling department. 

        A scenario was given to the students to talk over and discuss the outcome with their advisory. The activity explained “Alex’s” day before and during school and how everything possibly went wrong. Alex had a bad day. The end question was, “What should Alex do next?”. Students were to talk over what they thought Alex’s next steps were. One option would be to visit a counselor. A counseling department is a place where students like Alex can receive help or talk!

        “We wanted to have students understand and consider coming to the counseling services when experiencing social or emotional issues,” explained Ms. Carine Toussaint, one of our counselors at Hun. 

        Students may be dealing with outside distractions that can get in the way of their social, emotional, and school life. The counselors are very helpful and reliable options to choose from to help guide students towards success.

        Maddie Shinn, a sophomore student at Hun, felt that the activity was beneficial towards leading the students to the counselors. Maddie said, “I think it was an excellent way to easily learn more about the counselors and how the counseling works without feeling pressured or overwhelmed.” Another student, Sophia Kearns ’24, explained, “I thought it was nice to know that we have that support from our counselors at school.” 

        No pressure is put on any students to seek help. They are to advocate for themselves and can see the counselors when and if they’re ready.

        “One of the things we immediately saw as a good result to the activity was that our office had much traffic,” stated Ms. Toussaint. “Many students did not consider counseling as one of the resolutions for Alex, but after the advisor’s suggested the counseling center, students were accepting of the idea.”

        The key takeaways from the activity were to acquaint students with going to the counseling office anytime, no matter what the subject is. Whether the situation you are dealing with is good or bad, the counselors are here to welcome you with open arms. They encourage students to bring themselves into their office to chat.