Class of 2023 Works for the Homeless

       The Class of 2023 engaged in community service work for the homeless in Princeton on October 13th. Most of the activities were lunch making and packing; however, there was also an educational aspect.

       The entire junior class gathered in the dining hall on Wednesday, October 13th, for an afternoon geared towards helping others. The events required teamwork and communication, as the course was split into groups depending on their assigned task. However, most juniors were happy to leave their exams and participate in activities outside of the classroom.

       One such student is Dorothy Tang ‘23, who directly participated in the community service activities. “I felt really meaningful to work as a class for a good cause and to understand how privileged we are in society today.” Dorothy also emphasized the exact lessons that she learned, including not taking anything for granted and sympathizing with others.

       Even though the students were outside of the classroom, there were still lessons being taught to the young men and women. The administrators and those overseeing the event made sure to properly educate the students about the struggles of homelessness and food insecurity.

       Mr. Duboc, who was on the scene and moderating the activities, spoke about the teaching experience eagerly. “Things like this are humbling in a sense because you have to slow down and take a look at other people outside of yourself. Not everything is going to be for your benefit, and that’s something you have to understand as a human being.”.

       Some of these lessons hit closer to home with some than they did with others. Not too many students could relate to the struggles that they were learning about and realized that they would have a tough time if they were in the shoes of the homeless or food insecure.

       Lydia Zelesnik ‘23, for example, struggled with one activity in particular. The juniors were presented with a game that asked them to maintain one thousand dollars for 30 days. Lydia expressed her difficulty completing the task assigned to her and struggled to understand where she was going wrong. All in all, this was an educational and widely supported activity for the junior class to partake in, providing plenty of knowledge.