A Naturalist on Campus

       A naturalist from Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park came to Hun on October 30th to identify trees and plants that are among the Hun School campus. This event started last year through X day, and after a huge success, Mr.Talbot and Kleber decided to do it again in 2021. Students learned how to find and use plants and trees’ scientific names and create plant and tree tags. Many of the Hun middle school students attended the event alongside Mr.Talbot and Mr.Kleber. This event allowed students to study what surrounds them every day, nature!

       “Plants and trees are more interesting than people give them credit for…The Hun Junior Horticulturists event allows students to learn more about nature,” said the event leader Mr. Kleber. “This event is worthwhile because although Hun is amazing, one thing it lacks is courses that focus primarily on nature,” said a Hun student Daniel Canno’ 26. 

       The Hun School Junior Horticulturists event isn’t just learning; it was also a chance to socialize with students among the student body. “Not only will it be educational, but it’s a chance to connect with friends in a different environment,” said Daniel. 

       One doesn’t know if they will enjoy learning about nature until they give it a try. “Students are quick to say it’s not for me but have never given it a shot. They might end up surprising themselves,” said Daniel. The Hun  Junior Horticulturist event was beneficial, not just in terms of the environment. “Go out and around on campus, identifying plants and seeing Latin (scientific names) connected to them. It connects the real world with what we learn inside, in class,” said Mr. Kleber.