Taking an AP Exam? Click Here For Some AP Exam Tips!

        The 2021 AP exam week is coming up and unlike previous years, the College Board is providing three testing dates (Administrations 1, 2, and 3) for each subject, with two options for students: in-person exam or digital exam. Paper exams will be held at different times depending on the local time zone, while digital exams will be held at the same time worldwide regardless of the time difference. You can find the AP Exam schedule HERE: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/exam-administration-ordering-scores/exam-dates

        Now, here are some helpful tips for AP exam preparation provided by Hun teachers and counselors!

< General Tips >

  1. Practice the materials you have learned.

       – There are many resources beyond the classroom, including AP Classroom resources, AP daily videos, or online educational resources.

       – Study with friends when you run into challenging contents. 

       – Take practice exams provided by the College Board for practice.

  1. Do not cram study the night before.

       – Stay confident with a mindset that you will do well. Do not over study the night before. Try to get some sleep!

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast on the exam day. Try to avoid too much sugar and caffeine. 
  2. For students who are taking exams with a calculator, make sure your calculators are functioning properly. Check your batteries! 
  3. Do not overthink or make second guess with your multiple choice answers.
  4. Be on time!
  5. Manage your time carefully during the exam.

       – During the multiple choice section, do not get stuck on a specific question. Skip them and come back at the end. 

       – During the free response section, have your own time targets for each question and keep track of time so that you can get to all questions. But don’t panic if you cannot finish on time! It’s definitely okay.

< More Tips for Paper Exams >

  1. You must eat or drink before the exam. Mrs. Mishra, director of the College Counseling Department at Hun commented, “I have seen students exhausted or not hydrated enough because they did not eat a proper breakfast or lunch and that impacts the quality of student’s responses.” Bring water and a snack for break. Staying energized and hydrated is the key for performing at your best ability! 
  2. Bring your photo ID, approved calculator (if needed), pencils, erasers, rulers, and black or dark blue ink pen. 

< More Tips for Digital Exams>

  1. Download the Lockdown Browser before you take the exam, and make sure your wifi and laptop function properly. Check if your computer meets technical requirements provided by the College Board. 
  2. Complete exam setup before you take the exam. 
  3. You are not allowed to return to answered questions, so think carefully before you move on to the next question. 
  4. Your answer will be reviewed by plagiarism detection software and post-exam analyses to detect exam violations, so do not be tempted to look at your notes or Internet materials while testing. Trust yourself and try your best. 

        Mr. Hart, History and Global Studies teacher, gave comments for students taking AP exams: “For all AP students, whether you are in my class or not, you are all immensely talented and have the potential to do well on every one of these exams. We are all proud of you. The exam is the end of a marathon that we started back in September, so finish strong!”

        Mrs. Mishra further mentioned: “Students should know not to put undue pressure on themselves. If you get a decent score, you can share it with the colleges you are applying to AND if you do not, you do not have to share the score with the colleges. Remember that AP exam score does not determine your college acceptance or your future. This too shall pass! Truly!”

Good luck to all of you!