The Most Despised NFL Player Wins Again

     The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event in the United States. On February 7th, 2021, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV (55) by a score of 31-9. With the win, Tom Brady secured his seventh championship ring, becoming a player who has more Super Bowls than any other franchise in the NFL.

     The game was never really close. The Chiefs struck first with a field goal in the first quarter; however, after that field goal, the Buccaneers controlled the game. The first touchdown of the game was scored on a pass from Tom Brady to his old New England tight end – -Rob Gronkowski, who eventually ended the game with two touchdowns. The chiefs, despite having many chances, failed to score one touchdown throughout the entire game. The Chiefs were hoping to win back to back Super Bowls; however, Tampa Bay prevented that aspiration. After Tampa Bay had won, Tom Brady was awarded with his 5th Super Bowl MVP title. Gronkowski commented on Buccaneers championship season by saying, “I mean, I’m not going to say it’s the greatest [sports accomplishment], but it’s up there for sure.”

    After the game, the entire Kansas City team was attacked for their poor performance. The offensive line was criticized for making Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes scramble for his life most of the game. However, despite running around on almost every play, Mahomes still made some of the most athletic throws ever seen. Additionally, Kansas City’s receiving core was criticized for dropping crucial passes, some of which could have secured points for Kansas City. Kansas City fans were devastated by the blow-out loss. However, Mahomes assured fans that, “We’re going to be back.”

   The Super Bowl parade occurred on February 10th. The players were extremely excited to present the Lombardi trophy to Tampa Bay fans. During the parade while riding in a boat, Tom Bardy tossed the coveted trophy over water to his teammates in another boat. Some people criticized Brady for the move, and one, Lorraine Grohs, demanded for his apology. Grohs was blasted by fans on Twitter who argued that Brady was just excited and celebrating.

     In the end, with the win, Tom Brady has helped his case for, and likely solidified himself as, the greatest player of all time (GOAT). 


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