Serena Williams vs. Tom Brady: Who is the GOAT?

     Who is the GOAT: Serena Williams, the queen of the tennis court, or Tom Brady, the most awarded NFL quarterback? 

     Following the footsteps of her older sister, Venus, Serena Williams began her career as a professional Tennis player at the age 17 and won the US Open in the same year. Over the years, she has won 23 major titles and broken almost every Tennis record. Now, despite being a mother of a girl, at the age of 39, Williams still remains  a formidable player in the Tennis world. In 2017, Williams won the Australian open while being six weeks pregnant. Most recently, she made into the semifinals of the 2021 Australian open in 2021 but losing to Naomi Osaka after a close game.

     A football athlete who is as dedicated and talented as Williams is Tom Brady. However, unlike Williams, Tom Brady’s football career was not as smooth: he was not picked in the first round of the draft at the University of Michigan. Nevertheless, Brady’s career took off after he joined the NFL and put together with Bill Belichick. Over the next ten year, he won three MVPs. In 2020, Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led a team of great players all the way to the Super Bowl in 2021, where they crushed the Kansas City Chiefs, the champion from the year before. Brady is a leader who remained composure during all of his competition and prevailed with a level of confidence and professionalism that is unparalleled.

     But who is the GOAT? I would argue that there’s room for two: Both Tom Brady and Serena Williams are the greatest of all time in their respective sports. It’s hard to compare the two when they play such different sports. Tom Brady could be named as one of the greatest team sports players, and Serena can be named as one of the greatest female athletes. They both bring a high level of professionalism, diligence, and commitment that is unrivaled in their areas.