Hun’s Second Dorm Olympics: Winter Edition

     Hun’s resident proctors hosted their second Dorm Olympics of the school year for boarding students during the weekend of President’s Day.

     Earlier this fall, the proctors planned their first Olympic games for the Hun School. Because of its success, they planned another one for the winter season. Unlike before, however, the proctors did not have the luxury of sunny days and warm weather, but they used the snow to their advantage. 

     “The main purpose of the Olympics is to have fun together as a community, but it also allows students who might not otherwise spend a lot of time together a chance to get know each other better,” said Mrs. Poller, the Associate Director of Resident Life and dorm parent, who overlooked the event. “Everyone in the community was out at different events, enjoying being together, being competitive in a friendly and spirited way, laughing and having fun together.” 

     Residents of the boarding community were split into four teams: Red, Blue, Green, and Purple, all of which were co-captained by two proctors. On Friday night, the teams met to go over the activities for the weekend, have students sign up for the games they wanted to participate in, and choose their prize meals if they won. Saturday afternoon, students participated in “Capture the Flag” on the snow covered Mall and a Valentine’s Day themed “Chef Creations” in Global Commons. At night, team members competed in a “Mario Kart Tournament” and “Jeopardy.”

Chef’s creation. Credit: Mrs. Poller.

     “My favorite part about the boarding Olympics is seeing all members of our boarding community come together and get competitive,” said Kennedy Jardine ‘21, proctor and co-captain of the Blue team. 

     On Sunday, the games continued with a Sledding/Snow-Tubing Race on the hills near the Athletic Fields and Skating on a makeshift “ice rink” on the tennis courts. 

Sled Races. Credit: Mrs. Poller.

     To finish off the night, students participated in a Valentine’s Day Love Song Competition and PingPong and Foosball tournaments. The Blue, Red, and Green teams were battling on the scoreboards to win the Dorm Olympics. It was a close call going into the Sunday night games, but ultimately, the Blue team secured their win by winning the Ping Pong Tournament. 

     “My team won because it had the best leaders of course. No, but in all seriousness, the blue team had some strong competitors who were excited to compete for the prize: shake shack!” said Jardine ’21.