Inauguration VS. Coronavirus

     The inauguration took place on January 20th. It stood apart from previous inaugural ceremonies, however, due to the Corona virus. 

     At the time of Biden’s inauguration, over 400,000 lives were lost to the virus. To honor those who lost their lives, small American flags were placed in front of the Washington monument. Additionally, during his speech, Biden asked everyone to take a moment of silence.

     To make the inauguration safer, all attendees were required to wear masks and sit six feet apart from each other. The number of attendees was limited as well. 

     Typically, following an inauguration, there is an inaugural ball. However, due to the dangers of hosting such an event, a celebration, hosted by Tom Hanks, took place instead. The celebration included musical performances by Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato, John Legend, and a recitation by Lin Manuel Miranda, author of the musical Hamilton. It also featured different citizens who have done things to help others in the midst of the pandemic. Katy Perry ended the ceremony with her song, “Firework,” along with a large display of fireworks.

     As difficult as the Corona virus has made things, the inauguration served as a reminder that life goes on, even in the face of adversity. It demonstrated the strength and resilience that lies in the heart of this country.