The Mall Photo Gallery: ft. the Photography Club

     Welcome to the Photo Gallery! We will be featuring photography pieces of Hun students. This time, we have photographers from the Photography Club, who participated in a contest with the theme “Hope and Despair.” Here are some highlights of the submissions.


Artist: Jessica Xu ‘21

Title: Wounds and Rebirth

Fire causes physical and psychological harm to a person. However, if you switch a perspective, following the wounds are rebirth and regeneration demonstrated by butterflies and flowers.


Title: Lost and Found



Artist: Lucas Vanderborght ‘22

Title: Almost

Calcium Saves Bones. For only 50 cents you can save a skeleton 


Artist: Oliver Zeman ‘23

Title: Masked Identity


Title: Never Trust reflections 


Artist: Kevin Luo ‘21

Title: Hourglass 

Like the cycle of life, we can’t stop the passage of time. The difference between hope and despair can be as fundamental as one’s shifting perspective.