Teachers, Here Are Some “Thank you!” From Students

Dear teachers,

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, everyone might especially want to thank masks, sanitizers, alcohol wipes, and most importantly those who put all their effort into ensuring Hun a safe learning space. On top of this, some students have expressed their gratitude for teachers who made learning more than a gain of knowledge for them.

Please read their notes below (in last name alphabetical order):


Mrs. Arndt

“Thanks Mrs. Arndt for everything you do! Your effort and kindness you put into your work encourages me to work harder. Thank you for working hard to get us a fall season!”

  • Anonymous

Mrs. Beal

“Dear Mrs. Beal, 

Thank you so much for being my teacher in English 2 Honors last year. You helped make my sophomore year more memorable. Coming into your class, I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from you. I just survived one of the most difficult English classes that I had ever taken, and I thought that your class would be two times harder. I soon realized that my worrying was all for nothing. Every class, you always found a way to relate the books we read to our daily lives. Whether it was Holden Caulfield’s interesting behavior or the totalitarian state of Oceania, you made literature come to life. I asked some of your students to describe you in one word, and I decided to make a poem that includes all of these words, and this is how it goes: 

You’re a genuine person that’s easy to talk to 

You’re challenging, but understanding, we believe this is true 

You have a heart that’s open and kind

You’re helpful to your students, even in the toughest of times 

You make us laugh because you’re incredibly funny 

You have a voice that’s sweet as honey 

Intelligent and energetic, you can’t buy these traits with money 

We thank you so much for being our teacher 

We’re gonna miss you a ton, it’s been one heck of year. 

Thank you Mrs. Beal for being our English 2 Honors teacher. You have prepared us well for what lies ahead on our journey through literature!”

  • Xavier Silverio ‘22


Mr. Brown

“Hi Mr. Brown, 

You are the best teacher I think I’ve ever had. You make class so interesting and exciting to go to everyday. Your class is by far my favorite.”

  • Anonymous


Dr. Bucy

“Thank you so much for being so helpful!”

  • Aitzaz Chaudhary ‘22


Mrs. Collingham

“Thank you for always giving me suggestions and pushing me to try new mediums in art. I will never forget when you made the class do scratch art and how I found out my skills at creating art with scratchboards. Scratch art is probably my favorite type of medium now. Thank you! You are awesome!”

  • Elizabeth Ji ‘21


Dr. Fabian

“Thank you so much for being so helpful!”

  • Aitzaz Chaudhary ‘22


Ms. Gilligan 

“Thank you so much for always being supportive of what I want to try in programming and giving me lots of advice. I really appreciate that you are my first programming teacher in my life and you led me to have interests in programming. This will be a huge turning point in my life and I am so excited to get through those CS competitions with your support! Thanks again for being the sweetest, amazing teacher and you are the best <3 !!” 

  • Sunny Park ‘22


Mrs. Guns

“Thank you for always being there for me and for everyone in our advisory group since day one! Thank you for everything! I am sending you my hugs all the way from Vietnam :)”

  • Angel Truong ‘21


Ms. Hansson

“Dear Ms. Hansson, 

Thank you so much for being my Health and Wellness teacher, my track coach, and most importantly, my friend.

I remember meeting you for the first time during winter track practice, where I realized that you were an awesome person, and a Liverpool fan. Even if you didn’t know me well, you still noticed the hard work I put in every single practice. I am so grateful for your recognition of my efforts, because I never thought that many people believed in me. As the year continued on, you greeted me each day with a smile on your face, even though I took a temporary retirement from running. You cared about me when I was going through tough times.

Then, Covid-19 turned the world upside-down. It seemed like the world was coming to an end – it certainly seemed that way to me. But one day, I noticed that you were hosting something called “Tea Time Tuesday.” That Tuesday, I clicked the link, and wow, my life changed. As soon as I saw your face and the big smile on it, I knew immediately that this was a place where I felt comfortable and safe, where I could forget the stress and just relax.

What I most enjoy about Tea Time Tuesday is that we can talk about whatever we want. Sometimes we’ll talk about weird fashion trends, and all of a sudden, we’ll be laughing and joking about some weird talent that someone has. The flexibility of Tea Time Tuesday is what makes it so wonderful. I really applaud you for creating this safe space for the Hun Community. I think many of my friends who have attended Tea Time Tuesday would say the same thing.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, my friends, and the whole Hun community, Ms. Hansson. You have been literally almost everything. A teacher, a coach, a dorm parent, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend to all.”

  • Xavier Silverio ‘22


Dr. Holm

“I love how you are always teaching us in a fun way! You make a major difference in my life. Thank you for being an awesome teacher!”

  • Elizabeth Ji ‘21


Ms. Johnson

“Ms. Johnson, I want to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for me since I was at Hun. 

You helped me not only through my classes, but also through life in general. You give the best advice :). And the most important thing for me is that you helped me choose what I want to do in the future. You inspired me to go to STEM. Without you, I would still be debating myself about what major to choose.

Thank you! You’re the best.

P.S. I’m sorry you had to tolerate me for two years <3”

  • AJ Chzhen ’21


Dr. Knight

“Thanks for being a great advisor!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Ava Olender ‘24


Ms. Martin

“Ms. Martin, thank you for being so supportive during all of my four years at Hun. No matter as a teacher, a dorm parent, a faculty advisory for the newspaper, or just a mentor, you have made major impacts on me that directed me toward a better self. I would not be who I am today without your guidance.”

  • Kathy Wang ‘21


Mrs. McNulty

“I really appreciate all your help on confusing history units. You made learning about Henry the 8th really interesting because of all the funny puns and funny videos you showed us. Thank you for everything you do for the Hun Community! You are awesome!”

  • Elizabeth Ji ‘21


Mrs. Mishra

“Thank you so much for making me feel very reassured along the college application process. Thank you for always being there for me via emails and zoom calls. I hope you could catch some rest along the way during this busy time! See you at our next Zoom call!!”

  • Angel Truong ‘21


Mrs. Piel

“Dear Ms. Piel, Thank you for bringing comedy and lighthearted energy to class everyday!”

  • Anna Marie Heiser ‘21

“Thank you for being such a great teacher! I learned so much already in HAP class and can’t wait to learn more. Thank you!”

  • Elizabeth Ji ‘21


Ms. Spadaro

“Dear Ms. Spadaro, 

I would like to start my thank you note with a quote from Muhammad Ali: “He who is not willing to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” This quote perfectly describes my experience in your Pre-Calculus Honors class last year.

I was so excited to take Pre-Calculus for the first time. My experience in Algebra 2 my freshman year psyched me up for your class. I thought I could easily tackle any math subject thrown at me. After the first quiz, I soon realized that I had to work harder than I have ever worked before if I wanted to get a good grade in this class. So I decided to put in the work. It wasn’t easy, but when was anything worthwhile easy?

I had to stop hanging out with friends, get a tutor, and even temporarily quit the sport that I adored so much, running. I did all this in order to not only become a better mathematician, but to become a better person. Even though I didn’t get the grade I wanted, taking your class has really taught me important lessons. I now know what to do when faced with adversity: keep going, make sacrifices, and never give up. If I took regular Pre-Calculus, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. I don’t think I would be prepared for the many different challenges I will be facing in the future.

Thank you so much Ms. Spadaro for helping me persevere through math last year. I never knew simply by showing up to your class every single day and giving my all would make me a better person and teach me important life tips.”

  • Xavier Silverio ‘22


Mrs. Timm-Dinkins

“Mrs. Timm-Dinkins, thank you for everything that you have done for me during my time at Hun- from the MLK Next-Term trip during my sophomore year to this college app season this year. am so grateful for your unwavering support and dedication as my counselor. It is without a doubt that your support means so much to me and your advice has always led me in the right direction. You are truly amazing ♡”

  • Mandy Jenkins ‘21


Ms. Watts

“Dear Ms. Watts,

Reflecting on my three years at Hun, I am so incredibly thankful for everything you have done for me. Not only are you my greatest supporter, but you are also my biggest motivator. You have pushed me to lengths I never thought I would achieve with cello. You are the reason that I really found myself these past few years, not only in terms of music, but also my confidence as a whole. I know I have a long way to go that will be filled with challenges but you have taught me that as challenging as that way is, it’s also incredibly rewarding. I cannot wait to continue my journey of going from a cello player to a real musician with you. And maybe playing some Elgar soon, too :).”

  • Ishwari Joshi ‘21


Mr. Workenaour

“Thank you, Mr. Workenaour, for making Physics so much more fun! Your humor in class always makes my day. Your class made me believe that I could do things I thought I couldn’t. :)”

  • Kathy Wang ‘21

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