Tips Corner: How to Properly Wear a Mask?

     One of the most difficult lifestyle changes due to the COVID-19 is the mandatory use of masks, even when asymptomatic, for the aim of self-protection and prevention. Although breathing or speaking to others through masks might be more difficult than before, wearing masks is proven to be effective for protection from COVID-19.

     A pivotal step toward overcoming COVID-19, masks should be used in their most correct way possible. Here are some tips for choosing and wearing masks properly:

  • How to select good masks? 
  1. Wear two or more layers of breathable fabric masks.
  2. Wear masks that can cover your nose and mouth.
  3. Wear masks that don’t have gaps on the sides of your face.
  4. IF you wear glasses, wear masks that have a nose wire to reduce fogging.
  5. Do not choose masks made of fabric that is not breathable.
  6. Do not choose masks with exhalation valves. 
  7. Do not choose surgical masks including N95 as they are for healthcare workers.
  8. IF you are children, find masks ‘for children’ or in children size. 
  • What should you Not Do when wearing masks? 
  1. Do not put your masks around your neck or on your forehead.
  2. Do not hang your masks under your nose or on your chin.
  3. Do not take off your mask when you are with someone else.
  4. Do not touch your mask. 
  5. Wash your hand before you wear masks. 
  • How to clean masks? 
  1. Do regular laundry with laundry detergent and select the warmest water temperature so that the virus will be sterilized. 
  2. Use a dryer with a high temperature setting so that the masks can be completely dry.
  • Some masks recommendations:
  1. Surgical Masks: KF94 Masks
  2. Cloth Masks: Finely woven fibers cotton / two or three layers
  3. Non-surgical Masks : 

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