Dracula: A Comedy Of Terrors: “Broadcasted” Fall Play

     During the unprecedented time brought by COVID-19, the Hun community has experienced many difficulties, such as cancellation or rescheduling of community activities. However, these challenges also sparked the community’s creativity in organizing communal events. This year’s fall play, “Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors,” was unconventional in comparison to the past productions put on by The Janus Players. 

     One of the challenges The Janus Players faced was the virtualization of the play. As they were not able to put on a performance in person, the play, which was adapted to completely audio-based, was broadcasted to Hun students over Zoom. All rehearsals were completely virtual other than the recording of the performance. Courtney Joseph ‘21, who played Lucy, has participated in every fall play throughout her high school career. 

      “Obviously, I wasn’t really ready for all of the change that we had to go through, but I think that it was handled very well,” said Courtney, describing her experience as a virtual actor. “It was a really good challenge for all of us.” She expressed her appreciation towards the staff leaders and team, namely Mr. Esher, Mr. Robinson, and Mrs. Cooper, and expressed that they were “really flexible and easy to work with”. 

     Despite the challenges they faced, the cast produced a great and highly enjoyable performance. The Janus Players plans to continue pushing through the unexpected hurdles thrown at them by this unprecedented time and start the auditions and rehearsals for the upcoming winter musical soon. 

Fall play rehearsal. Credit to Anvitha Paruchuri ‘23.